Spirit of Survivors

The wind blows 260 km/h, the seawater rash 10-15 feet high. Thousands of people died, more then that lost in the sea. People lost their houses, castles, ripen crops of the fields. This entire thing happens in one night, in hours only. SIDR, one of the cruel Cyclones in Bangladesh history, attack in the costal area on 15 November 2007 at mid night. Hole country was powerless and in dark for 24 hour. No network connection, No TV channel, No radio, there were no way to know what happen in the costal areas.

I reached at Shoronkhola, one of the most damaged areas of coastal reason after 3 days of SIDR with some of my friends. That was the first time I experience such a vast destruction of Mother Nature. Many people still searching their family members, all the drinking water of ponds were salty; human and cattle dead bodies were floating on the water. Father searching his daughter in the bush, son found his mother dead body that could merely recognized.
…. there are no place to bury the dead bodies….
….no food…. no drinking water…. no words…
….only the hidden tears …..
…..only the smell of the dead bodies…..
……flouting all over the wind….

But this was not the main story. I also discovered how human fight against the nature; start new life from the destruction. To me this braveness and strongness of the coastal people is the true spirit of Human life.